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Neda Maritime considers good seamanship and highest navigational standards to be fundamental to maintaining an excellent safety record. The top priority of our Marine Department is to instill and reinforce strong safety and seamanship cultures in our crews, especially in navigation and cargo operations.

Our superintendent Master Mariners monitor shipboard routines on a daily basis via electronic reporting, review passage and loading plans, and check all stages of loading, discharging and ballasting operations to ensure that the ships remain within the safe limits of stability and hull stresses.

Physical inspections of our vessels are regularly performed to ensure compliance with the Company's safety and maintenance policies. Navigational standards, together with Bridge Team competence, are examined during voyage audits by our Marine Superintendents. 

Ship-specific on board training for the crews is carried out to enhance our safety culture by using tools for continual improvement such as Navigational and Internal Audits, and Management of Change.