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Safety and Quality

Health, Safety, Quality and Environmental protection are the core values of Neda Maritime's Quality Management System. Our goal is to strive for excellence by identifying and managing the safety and health risks our seafarers and employees are exposed to, to eliminate accidents at sea, and to minimise the environmental impact of our daily activities.

Neda's HSQE objectives are established and actively monitored by our Safety & Quality personnel, with the relevant policies and practices being disseminated across the fleet to promote a robust safety culture on board our vessels.

Rank-specific, customised, training seminars are provided to officers and crews in our Maritime Training Auditorium, organised by our S&Q Department or with the participation of leading IACS Classification Societies and manufacturers, thus improving our seafarers' skills and enhancing their competence.

Neda is certified by Lloyd's Register of Shipping for compliance with the ISM Code and the Quality standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, and we are committed to providing a secure working environment for all our seafarers under the provision of the ISPS Code.

NEDA Anti-Piracy Policy

In response to the ongoing problem of armed piracy in the Indian Ocean and other areas around the world, Neda Maritime has for several years been implementing its own Anti-Piracy Policy to protect its seafarers, ships and cargoes from being hijacked.

The anti-Piracy measures which we apply to our vessels transiting dangerous areas exceed the industry's recommended Best Management Practices (BMP), including the placing on board of security teams to assist our crews in the timely and effective preparation of their ship's defences.

Our officers and crews receive comprehensive in-house and on board training with respect to anti-piracy practices, and their preparedness and vigilance are constantly assessed and enhanced via shipboard security drills and exercises. 

Security alerts and piracy hot spots are constantly monitored by our Company Security Officer, whilst maintaining close cooperation with naval and maritime security organisations.

We invite you to add your voice to the worldwide campaign for government action to tackle piracy and show your support by joining the campaign at this web link Save our Seafarers.